The Get Down

by Celebrators

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Steven Bate
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Steven Bate Stumbled on this album today. Listened to it - got about half way in before I bought. Funky, fun-filled and so catchy. Love it already. Favorite track: Get Down.
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Written, Recorded and Produced by Celebrators
Mastered by Evan Frankfort
Artwork by Mollie Wallace


released December 18, 2014

Adam Shah
Dre Perish
Rando Amsterdam

additional musicianship:
Shawn Cutts
Matt Hughes
Murf Reeves
Kevin "Gweeedo" Collins



all rights reserved


Celebrators New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Everyone You Know
hit the bliss
hit the room at the top of the stairs
find it quick
everyone you know is there
switch my love light
flip it on
we all belong in a world without a care

see all the flower faces
drinking beer in a windowsill
see all my favorite places
corners of the room that can't sit still
love like a designer drug
let it drop when it gets thick
sweep the mess right under the rug
we've come to get our fix

ain't no sucker or fool
is gonna make us lose this groove

it's cool, cause why
everyone you know is there
everyone you know

ain't no fucker or fool
is gonna make us lose this groove

everyone you know is there
Track Name: Talking From My Heart
late night in a haze of friends
lips loose and we're all just talking loud
hips moving to the music machine
punch drunk and our heads are filled with sound
hit a number that will fill my love
hit a number that will keep me from the door
spit balling like a gunning machine
now the whole damn scene
is making moves on the bar room floor

and it's cool
talking from my heart

there's no place i would rather
then getting down
when yr getting down next to me
the only thing I can really see
is these are the times and this is the place to be

and it's cool
talking from my heart

and my heart is never very far
cause my mind keeps my heart in charge
and my love could tear my heart apart
no I'm gonna tell you all the thing I've seen
that will keep us out of the dark

and it's cool
talking from my heart
Track Name: Ride The Desire
Way out on a limb here
laying out bare
come close and let me honey whisper in yr ear
it's been a long, it's been a cold
it's been a star crossed year
but lost am I in the way the jukebox shine upon yr hair
i got idle hands
no demons darling, dictate my plans

take a ride on the desire baby

head out for the nitty gritty
roll the night and dig our city

I might be the seventh son
I might be the ghost
you and I might close this tab
and kill it with a toast
to all the laughs, and all the time
to all the melting pain
it's getting late, we'll concentrate
and catch that street bound train

take a ride on the desire baby
Track Name: Get Down
if you don't dance until the day you die
you might be a slice but you ain't no pie
jump that street car and take it where it ends
hit a switch, and get the twitch
and let those bow legs start to bend


smoking grits like the thing to do
pop the cote des bars, only the grandest cru
electric sliding through the boneyards
steal my keys, with kerosene
set fire to my car


half past midnight and my mood rings tight
you7've intentions and I've got mine
I'll shake yr peach tree just to get a bite
taking off and moving up is all just part of the ride


chasing sea birds cross the summer sky
perfume my lighthouse for the moaning time
stretch my hot legs when I walk the plank
getting gold, yr booty's old
I dug it when I sank

Track Name: Follow Me Home
I see you as I'm coming in
don't wanna speak to soon
there's no in this place
looking better than you
if in the time I cross the room
you look me in the eye
I think I might be going blind
yr the only thing in sight

I'll tell you what to do
only with a smooth attitude
only if you really wanna know
only if you follow me home

and if I got permission
I'll show you what's missing
the reason you survived
and if you can sense it
then you know I sense it too
and all there's left to do
is be each other's fool
and go "ooo oo ooo"

I'll tell ya what to do
only with a smooth attitude
only if you really want to know
only if you follow me home

oh baby, drive me crazy
why don't you come on home
where we will know
how to go
round and round and upside down

ever since you sussed my heart
you follow me home
from the moment I arrived
you were mine all mine
Track Name: Mollie Mirrorball
doc dunn he hit the goldmine working downtown now
wanna swing the new jack
wanna get back
he wants to get up
he wants to get down
got a girl that he knows he call
got a girl who loves that mirrorball
got a get all his ducketts right
he's gotta be tight boy
she's gonna get tall

the man behind the stick
he's gonna get get rich
(but he's working the grave)
work has got him caught in a glitch hard
(can't remember his name)
mollie's twirling 'neath the mirrorball
stone cold clapping got 'em all enthralled
doc dunn's shrugging like a loan shark
puts it all down on his credit card

he grabbed a weary room
snatched it right off the hot wire
too low on the 18th floor
doc's caught standing 'tween the fever and the fire
never got her fix
she tried to dance, she got the itch
doc ran back, couldn't stand all night
as hard as he tried his pockets weren't right
back at the goldmine in a bathroom stall
mollie's still twirling chasing mirrorballs
the man behind the stick
it kind of makes him sick
but he's gonna get rich
and let all the cards fall

let all the cards fall
Track Name: Just Too Long
soft upon the world with open eyes
she greeted me with tears
and no surprise
these days they shall be sacred
if it's only you me
here we age together
steady, gracefully my son

slow approach forever
stories gaining weight
deep inside our bones
our blood it still relates
don't fret on me momma
if I don't look alright
countless days for living
since you gave me life

and love should never grow too old
'cause life is just too long
it goes on and on

safe inside a pocket from a world of harm
shot down and without an honest word
help me if you see me getting caught up in
putting on the future
that old bitter end
and mercy mother
see what's going on

'cause life is just too long
Track Name: Might Not Ever Know
saving all the reasons you've been hanging like a cloud
nothing in this big ol' world will ever bring ya down
sometimes you believe in all the ones who come around
they won't even put you out
they won't even make a sound
something like a new surprise that everyone will claim
never hear the whole damn story
and less is half as strange
you might not ever know who's side to take

sometimes through the thick of it you really get a whim
that even through the little bits that's the way it's always been
sometimes I believe in good things that you'll never show
even if I told myself
I never told you so
you might not ever know who's heart ya stole

and I don't wanna be a burden to you now
so I will move along until you find somebody else

and this is now the reasoning I had to sell myself
even if I had the meaning
it might not ever help
I might not ever know who else to tell

giving up is easier than ever letting go
even though with great applause
you might not ever know
you might not ever know you stole the show

you might not ever know
Track Name: I Get Up
Put on my good suit, trolling
got my eyes on the scene
I see those red house ladies looking ready and green
I got those spikes hungry
sticking right out of my chest
and like my heart keeps thumping
keep 'em close to my vest

it's when I get down, I get up
sometimes it's when I get down, I get up
this has been the get down
believe I'm gonna get down

walk off my good foot
woman's got me making deals
she got me 8 blocks trotting in delivery heels
got her lap dog snacking on the finest meals
she turns me out
twists it around
a kiss and then it's sealed

get down, GET UP

got a hot head, put it in the mood of the groove
no sense in eating candy
it's all poisoned food
we're all just moving slowly to the other side
I know I feel best living with those thoughts inside my mind
she's gonna keep on flirting in her funeral dress
I could keep talking
but I digress

get down, GET UP

roll it back to the top and get on up

might put a cloud up in the sky
put a mushroom cloud into the sky
if nobody's asking
who really cares why
I'm feeling anxious
and I wanna cry

get down, GET UP!